Hélio Teles joins “Art for Öcalan” with “Struggle”

helio-teles-struggleHélio Teles, painter from Brazil living in London, joined the “Art for Öcalan” campaign with his painting “Struggle”. He stated:

“In my early years, in Brazil, working for the land-reform movement I saw much injustice and my time as a Councillor was spent trying to right some of the wrongs that were so prevalent there. I see an extension of this by supporting the campaign to free Abdullah Öcalan and I pray that this will help lead to Democracy and Peace.”

About his art, Hélio Teles says: “The origins of my paintings stem from my time working as a councillor in my home state in Brazil where I supported the land-reform movement. I was influenced strongly by the conditions in which these people live and the crumbling facades of houses and peeling walls form the basis of my work and is reflected in my use of sand & cement and other media. I try to see my work as a metaphor for poverty and division.

The use of mixed media is an attempt to recreate these dwellings – layers of impasto imply the world outside, thinly applied paint a reflection of the world inside. Lines, scratches, crosses and graffiti are expressions of feeling – of the faith that is the core of our existence.”

You can find more on him and his art at www.helioteles.co.uk

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