Campaign statement

Where Words come to an end…

An extraordinary political prisoner
On an island, in a cell,
No one to talk to, only books to read
No handshake, no embrace since 1999
Total ban on his mother language, Kurdish
13 years of isolation, 13 years of white torture
In a military prohibited area, guarded by 1000 soldiers
Writing more than 7000 pages of books with only pen and paper

The International Initiative has published numerous texts about Abdullah Öcalan’s prison situation and the important role he will play in any peace process. But sometimes we feel that words cannot express all aspects of what is really happening.


…art has to speak.

Millions of Kurds are rallying unceasingly for Öcalan’s freedom and a political solution. But their voices are often unheard. The language of Art can make a difference.

We are looking for artists who want to support the campaign for Öcalan’s freedom through their art. This can be pictures, drawings, sculptures, videos, songs, poems, texts. Creativity knows no boundaries.

We will publish your artwork on this website, organize exhibitions, print it on posters, postcards, stickers, shirts…

If you are an artist and interested in joining the “Art for Öcalan” campaign, please contact us.

Coordination bureau of the International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullan Öcalan – Peace in Kurdistan”

Contact email: art [at]
Twitter: @freeocalan